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Haifa Blog


Bike, Sweat and Tears (of Joy) - Watch Team Haifa at Cape Epic

Adventures from the toughest mountain bike ride in the world

Bike, Sweat and Tears (of Joy) - Watch Team Haifa at Cape Epic

New action videos taken straight from Frank Knevels and Jan Oomen's helmet cameras will be uploaded daily, starting March 23rd, to Haifa's YouTube channel. 

Follow the 8 days journey of Team Haifa at Cape Epic, the toughest multi-day mountain bike ride in the world. The race, which takes place in the wild and breathtaking landscapes of South Africa, is a 718 km long, and includes 14,850 meters of climbing. 

Team Haifa consists of Frank Knevels, a greenhouse grower from The Netherlands, and his associate Jan Oomen. Each day, from 23 to 30 March, a new video – taken straight from a helmet will be uploaded to Haifa's YouTube channel (, and depict the duo's tremendous efforts and unforgettable moments. 

This is the second straight year Haifa NWE proudly sponsors the duo. Last year they uploaded a daily journal, portraying their adventures (read it here: This year we're taking it a step forward, with day-to-day videos. 

Follow Team Haifa via Twitter: 
Watch Haifa's YouTube channel:

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