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Coffee rust and the importance of foliar nutrition

The coffee rust disease is causing heavy damage to the coffee plants in Central America. One of the ways to help the coffee plants cope with the fungal disease is by applying fertilizers through foliar nutrition

Coffee rust and the importance of foliar nutrition

Photo by Smartse (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.


It has been reported that the last wave of coffee rust in Central America is the worst one in the last four decades, resulting in massive loss of yield production:


The coffee rust fungal disease is not killing the plant, but is attacking the leaves, causing them to drop off. As a result, the plant has fewer coffee beans and at much inferior quality, which makes the cultivation not profitable.


Foliar nutrition can help coping with the coffee rust outbreak as part of the whole treatment. By spraying the fertilizer directly on the leaves, they absorb the nutrients in the most efficient way, leading to immediate response. Thus, the well-nourished plants and leaves have a much better capability of coping with diseases, including the coffee rust.


The ministry of agriculture in El Salvador, aware of the importance of foliar nutrition, will hand the coffee growers materials to help them fight the disease and provide foliar nutrition to the plants.


Haifa's line of Poly-FeedTM Foliar products serve as our solution to nutrient deficiencies that can be provided through the leaves. They nourish plants with their precise needs during critical growth phases. Read more about foliar nutrition and the Poly-FeedTM foliar products:


Foliar nutrition –


Poly-FeedTM foliar –™-foliar-water-soluble-fertilizers

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Coffee rust and the importance of foliar nutrition

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