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Haifa Blog


Creating a basic fertilization program with NutriNet™

Haifa NutriNet™, in contrary to simple calculators, is an expert software with many advanced features, such as the use of analysis of soil, water, drainage and tissue culture to improve the plant nutrition program. To get the best results from these advanced features, it is needed to do some practice. From my experience, doing the following steps will help you to master NutriNet™:


  • Read the manual! Download the manual from here and learn how to use NutriNet™ properly.

  • Prepare the needed data - To finish a fertilization program you will need the following data:


 Plot data- Plot location, Plot size, cropping system (Soilless, soil, etc.)

 Plot’s Nutrigation™ system – How many tanks, tanks volume, fertilizer pump Injection rate and type.

 Irrigation amount – You will be asked to fill the irrigation interval and amount of water per day per area. If you don’t know this you can use an average amount of irrigation such as interval of 4 days and 50  m3 of water per day per hectare.

 Expected yield


  • Create a plot, Nutrigation™ system and crop requirement data: If you do not have this data from previous fertilization programs, it is possible to create it during the creation of a new program, but I found it easier to create it before starting a new program.

 Creating plot and Nutrigation™ system: Click on “My Plots” in the upper side of the screen and then on the “Create New plot” button.  Create a new plot and nutrigation™ system following the instructions in the manual (“2.4.2 Creating a New Plot” page 14, “2.6 Nutrigation™ System” page 18).

  Creating a crop requirement data: Click on “My Crops Requirements” in the upper side of the screen and then on the “Add New crop” button.  Add a new crop following the instructions in the manual (“ Creating a New Crop” page 16).


Now you are ready to go to “Create New Program” and fill the program fields to get a basic fertigation program.

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