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FertiMatch™ App – now available for Windows Phone

his latest installment joins the iOS and Android versions, which already helped many growers achieve the desired fertilizer solution for fertigation

FertiMatch™ App – now available for Windows Phone

We are proud to announce that the FertiMatch™ app – your assistant in fertigation calculations, is also available for Windows Phone users (download here: This version joins the iOS (iPhone: and iPad: and Android ( versions, which already helped the many growers who downloaded the app. 

The FertiMatch™ app helps you determine the right amount of fertilizers needed for a desired composition. With an easy to use interface, guiding you through the process step-by-step, all you need is to insert the relevant info – fertigation system setup, desired element & concentration and the fertilizer you use – and the app will instantly calculate the amount of fertilizer needed in order to achieve the desired nutritional compisition. 

Download the Windows Phone version: 

As always, you are most welcome to share with us your thoughts and remarks about the FertiMatch™ app or any other issue:

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