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Haifa Blog


FloraMatch App – Now for Android-powered devices

After releasing the FloraMatch™ App for iOS devices, with iPhone and iPad versions, Haifa now releases the App for android-powered devices, which can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

FloraMatch App – Now for Android-powered devices

Download the FloraMatch™ App from Google play: 
Download the App for iPhone and iPad: 

FloraMatch™ helps you predict availability of nutrients throughout the season and to plan Multicote™ controlled release fertilization accordingly. It takes into account actual growth condition, and is suitable for ornamental nurseries and agricultural crops. 

FlorMatch™ generates release curves of main Multicote™ formulae and calculates nutrient release according to expected temperatures. This lets you visualize plant nutrition over time, and make adjustments if needed. 

Haifa's community members can customize their own Multicote™ formulae, selecting from a wide range of raw materials. Thus, you can reach any desired nutritional composition and release profile. Registration to our community can be done here: or directly on the App. 

The App was developed to work on all Android-powered devices, both smartphones and tablets (Android version 2.2 and up).

FloraMatch App – Now for Android-powered devices

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