Global fertilizer Day 2020

Every year on October 13th, we celebrate the Global Fertilizer Day.

Fertilizers play a vital role in supplying the essential nutrients to plants that enable farmers to produce more food on existing land and feed the world’s growing population.

Global Fertilizer Day marks the anniversary of Fritz Haber’s discovery (Haber-Bosch process) of ammonia synthesis in 1908, which sowed the seeds for the Green Revolution of the early 20th century. During this time, widespread adoption of agricultural technologies lifted millions out of poverty and famine, allowing our world to grow and develop as we know it today.


Fertilizers ensure food security and improve agriculture's environmental performance


The Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts that food consumption in the world will increase by 70% by 2050, while agricultural land will grow by only 10%, so agriculture will need to be far more intensive and more food will be needed from each production unit. Haifa Group' plant nutrition products are highly efficient and therefore meet this challenge of ensuring the population's nutrition grows worldwide under conditions of reduction of growing areas.

Fertilizers contribute to meet food needs and to secure a sustainable future for agriculture by providing high quality nutrition for crop and by increasing yield productivity. They account for 50% of the global food production and have completely changed the agricultural sector. Without the increase in yields coming from the use of fertilizers, we would have need, since 1961, an additional 1 billion ha of arable land to produce what is produced today.

Haifa Group prioritizes the sustainability issue and leads extensive activities to create a sustainable environment, economy and society. We took on ourselves the challenge of being part of the global effort and to act in accordance with the goals of the UN Sustainable Development Program. By using innovative, pioneering and groundbreaking measures that integrate the three economic, social and environmental dimensions, Haifa is working to achieve the 17 principles of the Sustainable Development Program, which include, inter alia, human rights and equality between the genders, empowering women and girls, eradicating poverty in all its forms and preserving the environment.

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