Greg Peszko's 10th Anniversary with Haifa

By the end of September 2018, the Haifa North West Europe team gathered for a very special party on the top the 97m height St. Rombouts cathedral's tower in Mechelen, Belgium.

Greg Peszko, the company's sales manager in Poland, Baltics, Czech and Slovakia has just celebrated 10 years with Haifa Group.  Greg joined Haifa on 1-09-2008 following a warm recommendation by Reiner Weber, the Group's sales manager in Germany, who already knew Greg for many years as an outstanding professional. 

With over 25 years in the Polish fertilizer business Greg leads the Haifa team in the region he manages to remarkable achievements. He was the one to adopt a "Going Downstream" sales strategy in Poland, the Baltics, Czech and Slovakia. This model later became a standard at Haifa Group. 

Together managing the company's sales at the region, and representing Haifa in professional events, Greg also dedicates time for visiting growers. While doing so he gives professional advice analyzes the real needs of the crops at the farm and establishes connections with the growers at their sites.

At the party I had the honor to state the following:  “Greg, thank you very much for your loyalty, professionality, collegiality, friendship, humor and positive attitude in our team for already 10 years and I hope we shall enjoy this for many more years to come!”

By: Maarten Roelofs, General Manager Haifa North West Europe