Growing mushrooms hydroponically

Mushrooms contain a good source of vitamin B, C, and D, and various minerals. They are carbohydrates, but are low in fat and fiber, and contain no starch. Edible mushrooms are a good source of high-quality protein. 

They can be grown hydroponically, in a similar way to what is used for conventional rooting plants. They don't have roots but could still thrive in a soilless hydroponic platform. They mature and produce faster than either conventionally cultivated mushrooms or other standard hydroponic crops. 

So what are Haifa's recommended fertilizers for hydroponics?
Haifa Multi-K™ Reci is highly pure potassium nitrate products, formulated especially for hydroponics. Also you can find that all of Haifa's soluble fertilizers are suitable for hydroponic systems, except urea-based Poly-Feed™ formulae. 

Haifa's soluble fertilizers contain only nutrients that are consumed by the plant. With the lowest level of Chloride (Cl-) and / or Sodium (Na+), build-up of salinity in the recycled irrigation solution is moderate, and the measured Electrical Conductivity (EC) remains low, which allows less frequent disposing off the solution.

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