Haifa France held two Haifa Tours in southern France

The Haifa Tour arrives south France and already performed two field successful days.

Haifa France held two Haifa Tours in southern France

The first one took place in a flowering sunflower field near Labrihe (South). 30 growers attended the event, learnt about sunflower seeds and fertilization, and share their own knowledge and experience. 

Represented by Adrien Segond and Stephane Salas, Haifa France introduced CoteNTM Mix, for advanced and efficient sunflower fertilization. The event was organized together with Maisagri Duran, a local distributor represented by Françis Badens and his team. 

With CoteN MixTM Controlled Release Fertilizer, farmers can improve sunflower nutrition and have better yields and less impact on the environment. CoteNTM Mix enable growers spread the fertilizer in one application the whole amount of fertilizer for the complete growth cycle of the crop. 

The second Haifa Tour event took place in a vineyard near Giroussens (South) with a team Arterris Tarn, a local agricultural cooperative. Nearly 35% of the 40 ha of vine are using Nutrigation™ with a Netafim drip irrigation system. 15 producers attended the event and discussed the crops, irrigation and fertilization. 

Adrien Segond and Stephane Salas, explain the benefits of Nutrigation™ in increasing irrigation efficiency with specialty water soluble fertilizers, as well as use of MultigroTM controlled release fertilizers, Haifa Turbo-KTM granular fertilizers, and Humifeed D4TM organic fertilizers. 

Haifa France thanks all the farmers for their visits during these two Haifa Tour sessions.

Haifa France held two Haifa Tours in southern France