Haifa Group Proudly Endorses Inspirational Athlete Anais Vincent journey to the 2024 Paralympics!


Haifa Group is proud to endorse Anais Vincent, a source of inspiration for us all. Anais is a highly talented hand cyclist who is preparing for the World Cup in September 2024. Until three years ago, Anais was a professional cyclist until an accident impaired her ability to walk and ride a bicycle but not her spirit. Rising from this crisis, Anais set new goals, refusing to abandon her Olympic podium dreams.

As a farmer's daughter raised on a farm, Anais understands that daily dedication yields results, and she embodies this ethos every day. On August 19, Anais will proudly represent our country at the Paralympics. We invite you all to support her on this medal-winning journey. We will all be there for her.

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week 2 

🌟 Exciting Update from Team Anais! 🌟

For everyone following our journey, here’s the latest on Anais, the extraordinary hand cyclist we're thrilled to support as she gears up for the World Cup in September 2024!

🥈 On Sunday, during the team relay, Anais and her team soared to new heights, securing a fantastic 2nd place achievment! Their teamwork and determination were truly inspiring.

🇫🇷➡🇮🇹 Next Stop: Anais is heading back to France for a well-deserved break before she takes on the second round of the World Cup in Maniago, Italy.

Let’s all send our cheers and encouragement as Anais continues to push boundaries and inspire us all! Go Anais! 🎉👏 


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