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Haifa Blog


Haifa Hellas in the holy-land

2088 years after the end of the Helenist period, the Greeks returned to the Holy-Land

Haifa Hellas Back Office team, arrived to Israel for a long weekend trip, filled with visits to Jerusalem, Masada, Dead-Sea, Tel-Aviv, Aaronson Farm (Haifa's trails center) and Haifa’s headquarters. As the Haifa CEO, I granted this trip as an appreciation for their wonderful work and excellent achievements. I've also had the honor to accompany them on their visit to Jerusalem.


Haifa is known for its top quality products. But our famous "Client Centricity" approach can't be achieved without the hard and dedicated work of Haifa's logistics and administration teams around the world. We would like to reveal each one of Haifa's teams to the state  of mind, beauty, and vibe of Israel, the birthplace of many good things along the Human evolution. For the plant nutrition world, the establishment of Haifa Group is certainly an historical milestone. The importance of the hard work done by the Back Office teams sometime hides in the shade. But Haifa owes a lot to you, our enablers. Most of our teams presents the same passion and determination as the Greek team. Therefore, one by one, we'll have all teams visiting Israel, and will get to know in person, your Israeli contact people.


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