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Haifa Blog


Haifa Iberia signed an agreement with SIGFITO for recycling bags

Haifa Iberia signed an agreement with SIGFITO , that will allow them to recycle. According to Haifa Iberia estimation, 40 tons of fertilizer packaging will be recycled this year alone.

Haifa Iberia reinforces its commitment to the environment by recycling a large part of its packaging with SIGFITO system,
So that farmers can more easily recycle the waste generated by the use of their products. It is estimated that due to this recycling process, Haifa will be able to recover more than 40 tons of plastic from Spanish fields in this year 2020 , and more than 80 tons in 2021.
SIGFITO system is increasingly consolidated in Spanish agriculture. In 2019 it exceeded 60% of the waste collected, four percentage points more than the previous year, which means having managed 4,431 tons of packaging, which with respect to those collected in 2018 (4,150) represents an increase of 6.8% more than previous.

Haifa Iberia activity goes along with the 17 SDG goals that Haifa Group supports.By using innovative, pioneering and groundbreaking measures that integrate the three economic, social and environmental dimensions, Haifa is working to achieve the 17 principles of the Sustainable Development Program, which include, inter alia, human rights and equality between the genders, empowering women and girls, eradicating poverty in all its forms and preserving the environment.​

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