Haifa Savannah 5 year anniversary

Sept of 2020 marks the 5 anniversary of Haifa Multicote CRF production in Savannah USA.

Looking back at the last 5 years in Savannah, what has happened is an amazing achievement.
Building and starting production of controlled release fertilizer plant is not a simple project. There are no “standard” blueprints to go by. There is no “cookie cutter” plan to follow.

Commissioning ceremony back in 2015 - Savannah , Georgia

Only with the support of our excellent team in Savannah, Haifa France and Haifa Israel, was this project able to reach this level. Haifa’s process to make Multicote is a very technical and specialized chemical process.
Because if this highly technical process, transferring the knowledge from Haifa Israel and Lunel France production sites was critical to make sure the product coming out of Savannah was the same product from other Haifa production sites. The success in Savannah is a success for all of Haifa group.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony​ in Savannah

None of this would be possible without customers and growers who trusted in us to provide them with highest quality and most reliable CRF in the market. Haifa is dedicated to providing the highest quality fertilizers and advanced fertilizer solutions to North American growers.

We look forward to what the next 5 years hold for us!!!