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Haifa Blog


Haifa's Knowledge Sharing Community celebrates more than 1000 members

The 1,000th community member will receive a special gift from Haifa

Haifa's Knowledge Sharing Community celebrates more than 1000 members

Haifa's interactive Community - which enables members to share their knowledge and consult with Haifa's experts – is now marking the 1000th member. To celebrate this landmark, Haifa will grant the 1,000th member. Mr. Nico Wasserfall from South Africa with a digital camera. 

Nico Wasserfall told us about himself: "I am currently a final year M.Sc Agric (Soil Science) student at the University of Stellenbosch. My field of interest in the agricultural sector is precision farming and hydrology. I have developed my interest for agriculture on a family farm and although there are many challenges, the future of agriculture is packed with exciting opportunities. I truly believe that God has given agriculture as a tool for South Africa and Africa to enable people to end poverty, create a better future and build a lasting legacy." 

Haifa's knowledge community is an online social network that connects growers and agriculture experts from around the world. 

Community members can write posts and share their knowledge or ask questions and get advice from fellow growers and Haifa experts. Also, community members can comment on other members' posts thus, sharing their own experience. 

Community members can also subscribe to Haifa's newsletter, and receive all the updated news, knowledge and benefits directly to their email account. 

In the near future, Haifa's community members will enjoy more benefits, so stay tuned! 

In the photo below: our 1000th member, Nico Wasserfall from South Africa

Haifa's Knowledge Sharing Community celebrates more than 1000 members

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