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Haifa Blog


How to grow on acidic soils?

Haifa DKP™ is the only acid free alkaline phosphate fertilizer, ideal for Nutrigation™ and foliar applications in low pH soils

How to grow on acidic soils?

It is known that plants grown in acidic soils with low pH can suffer from either toxicities or deficiencies of nutrients. Acidic soils also affect nutrients availability, especially Phosphorus (P), which is crucial for the plants proper development. Phosphorous is highly available for the plants when the soil's pH is between 6 and 7.5. 

In order to allow proper plant nutrition when dealing with acidic soils, Haifa introduces the Haifa DKP™ - The only alkaline phosphate fertilizer for Nutrigation™ and foliar applications. 

Haifa DKP™ is the optimal solution when non-acidic fertilization is required. While most phosphate fertilizers lower the soil pH, Haifa DKP™ (0-41-54) provides a rich, non-acidic source of phosphate, with high solubility and low content of sodium and chloride. 

Haifa DKP™ is highly suitable for greenhouse and hydroponics, especially at the final stages of the crop growing cycle. It can also be mixed with all water soluble fertilizers, as long as they don't contain calcium and magnesium. 

In conclusion, this exclusive product serves growers who seek to avoid low pH, and brings new flexibility to Nutrigation™. Haifa DKP™ - another fresh advantage from Haifa. 

Learn more about Haifa DKP™:™-dipotassium-phosphate-fertilizer-0-41-54

How to grow on acidic soils?

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