How to grow an avocado seed

Avocados are one of the best summer fruits that we keep enjoying in some parts of the world all year around, so If you feel like the avocado season never ends, you're probably right. When you're making guacamole or just slicing an avocado for a salad, save the pits to cultivate avocado plants.

Growing your own avocado tree from seed is surprisingly simple even in indoors, and it makes an excellent teaching project for the home or school. Learn how to cultivate an avocado tree from seed with our easy-to-follow directions. 

So How to Grow an avocado seed you ask, follow these steps:

Step 1: Slice an Avocado to half carefully and remove the pit. Make sure you clean the pit with water.

Step 2: Some avocado pits are slightly oblong, while others are almost perfectly sphere-shaped, but all avocado pits have a 'bottom' (from which the roots will grow) and a 'top' (from which the sprout will grow). The top is the slightly pointier end, and the bottom is the flat end. To get your pit to sprout, you'll need to immerse the bottom root end in water, so determine out which end is the 'top' and which is the 'bottom' before you start piercing it with toothpicks.

avocado top and bottom pit


 Step 3: Insert four toothpicks at a slight downward angle into the avocado seed, evenly spaced around the circumference of the avocado. These toothpicks are your avocado scaffolding, allowing you to lay the bottom half of the avocado in water, therefore they must be securely wedged in there.

 Step 4: Place half seed in a glass of water and put it near windowsill with sunlight. Change the water every 4-5 days, to prevent mold, bacteria and fungus growth.

inserted toothpicks in avocado in glass of water


Step 5: The seed begins to sprout after 6 weeks or so, so be patient.

avocado seed to sprout with long stem


Step 6: When the stem reaches 6 inches long cut the it back to about 3 inches long. After the plant reaches back to 6-7 inches, then you can pot it in soil. Avocado loves sun so be sure to place it in a bright space.

Avocado pot in a sunny windowsill