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Haifa Blog


How NutriNet and fertigation can save you money when fertilizer prices are high

Using soil analysis to determine on an optimal crop fertilization program and precise implementation of the program through fertigation has always been the best agronomic practices, but at times when fertilizer prices are rising those practices become even more important from an economic point of view.

Recently, as a result of rising energy and marine transportation prices, fertilizer prices have risen steeply. To secure its profits, the grower must now use more efficient means and apply the fertilizer precisely according to an optimal fertilizer program. By using a soil analysis, it is possible to determine if a specific nutrient in the soil is adequate and if the amount of the required fertilizer can be reduced. However, it takes knowledge and experience to determine how much can be reduced from the overall fertilization program.

Now it is possible to get this recommendation with the help of Haifa's NurtiNet™ software, so the grower will be able to have an economic benefit by saving in the amount of the fertilizer applied. NutriNet™ is a free online service for growers and agronomy experts, aiming to optimize fertilization programs. NutriNet™ uses a comprehensive databases of crop nutrition requirements, that meets almost any growth environment.

Through a sequence of steps, the user retrieves or enters information, which is integrated by the software to a detailed, optimized fertigation program. One of the special features that recently introduced to NutriNet™, is the ability to make corrections to the proposed fertilization program based on updated results of soil analyzes from the field. Therefore, if levels of a particular nutrient are sufficient, the software will recommend a reduction in the amount of the fertilizer applied which will result in the grower saving money.

Another measure that can help decrease the amount of the fertilizer applied to the soil is fertigation. The incorporation of soluble fertilizers into the irrigation water maximize yield and minimize environmental pollution. In summary, at a time when fertilizer prices are increasing, fertilizer must be used efficiently. Using soil analysis and fertigation can minimize fertilizer application and increase the return on the fertilizer invested.

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