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Haifa Blog


How to optimize crops' growth

The second Haifa U webinar will be held on January 28, 8:00pm (GMT + 1). Register now to ensure your place and be able to ask questions

How to optimize crops' growth

After the success of the first Haifa U webinar, we are delighted to invite you to the second webinar in the series of "Knowledge, you key to success" free online seminars. 

** Register now: ** 

The first webinar, titled "Optimizing quality: the necessity of sufficient and accurate cation supply to crops' quality", brought many growers, agronomists and horticulture enthusiasts, who watched the live broadcast, asked questions and received answers. Those who missed out on the live webinar or wish to watch it again can do it on one of two platforms: 

1. Haifa's website
2. The webinar page on website: 

The second webinar will address the topic "Optimizing growth: anion supply – importance, benefits and influences". The webinar will be held on January 28, 8:00pm (GMT + 1), and will be delivered once again by Prof. Leo Marcelis from Wageningen University. 

Ensure your registration today on: 

As in the first webinar, again our team of agronomy experts will be at awaiting your questions during the broadcast. Please note that only registered users will be able to submit their questions.

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