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Haifa Blog


How the World Cup’s football fields are so green?

Year-round maintenance of sports field turf, such as seen in the World Cup, requires a high level of expertise. Turf maintenance is a complex challenge, as the nutrition should consider a variety of factors such as climate, plot uses, and of course, plant nutrient requirements.
For example, turf response to N fertilizer application typically manifests as improved color (darker green, more chlorophyll), density, root growth, stress tolerance, and recuperative potential. Turfgrass response to P fertilizer is frequently expressed as increased root growth and branching, drought tolerance, water use efficiency, and seedling establishment. Adequate K fertility is linked to improved disease resistance, cold and heat tolerance, and overall ability to endure and recover from stressful situations.
When planning a turf fertilization program, environmental concerns should be taken into account too. The main environmental issue with turf fertilization is nutrient runoff into surface water (lakes, streams, and so on), which can cause algal blooms that deplete oxygen levels.

Haifa’s nutritional concept for turf is based on the understanding that growth requirements are specific and dynamic: they vary from one turf species to another; they depend on growth conditions and change during the year.
Multicote™ Turf controlled release fertilizer offer an innovative approach of turf nutrition, that fully addresses all turf growth factors such as: grass variety, soil characteristics, climate, lawn uses and condition, with a different NPK formula for each growth phase:
High P Formula – A starter fertilizer for either new turf placement or for re-seeding between seasons.
High N formula – When there is need to speed up the leaf growth (in high-traffic areas, such as athletic fields).
High K formula – For maintenance phase, to strengthen the turf health and prevent diseases when there is no need in fast leaf growth (golf fields for example).

Besides the nutritional advantages, Multicote™ Turf minimizes losses through leaching, volatilization or fixation, thus preventing environmental contamination.

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