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Haifa Blog


The ideal fertilizer for cherry cultivation

Haifa's Poly-Feed™ fertilizer for cherry trees in Aragon, Spain, is a proven success as farmers are obtaining good results in terms of production and quality

The ideal fertilizer for cherry cultivation

The region of the Jalón valley and, in particular, the Municipality of Ricla, is an area of large Cherry production. The edaphoclimatic conditions along with the good work from farmers make cherry cultivation in this area renowned for its high quality not only in Spain but also in the many countries to where this delicious product is exported. 

The use of Haifa Poly-Feed™ water soluble fertilizers represents a good fertilizing strategy since farmers know that cherries have to develop in a few weeks. This requires a quick, efficient, pure fertilizer with high potassium content, for the major development to take place under conditions of sustained and balanced growth so that cherries achieve the best possible hardness. 
Thus, Poly-Feed™ fertilizers are ideal for cherry cultivation. 

Keys for successful cherry cultivation: 
• Solubility and purity: All components in the Poly-Feed™ are soluble fertilizers and its entire composition is made available for plants immediately from the moment of its application, without residues that hinder both the application and subsequent development of the crop. 
• Nitrogen: Ideal Nitrogen composition, combining both the nitric and ammoniacal forms for assimilation to be quick and efficient. 
• Potassium nitrate: High concentration of Potassium as Potassium Nitrate, which gives cherries greater accumulation of sugars, hardness and thickness. 
• Microelements: Microelement contents well adapted to the needs of cherry cultivation. 

The most widely used formula is Poly-Feed™ 14-7-28+ME, which is revealing itself to be ideal for cherry thickening. Find out more here: 

We would like to thank Miguel Ángel Camarero for his efforts and for the trust he has placed and continues to place on Haifa fertilizers by stocking and providing farmers with a product of the highest quality and an unbeatable value.

The ideal fertilizer for cherry cultivation

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