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Haifa Blog


Innovative Mobile Nutrigation™ Unit empowers sustainable agriculture

The need for efficient, environmentally friendly use of water and fertilizers is gaining acceptance and becoming crucial to maintain sustainable food supply systems.
A collaboration of Netafim NetherlandsKemeling Kunststoffen and Haifa North West Europe now introduces a new enterprise aiming to make efficient irrigation and fertilization more accessible to farmers – a Mobile Nutrigation™ Unit.  Through the combination of watering and fertilization, growers can save a lot of water and prevent leaching, evaporation, and volatilization.

The basis of the concept is a plug-and-play feeding unit set in a mobile container, that the grower can connect easily in his farm. Part of the system is tailor-made fertilizer formulae that Haifa supplies according to the specific needs of the crop.


In recent weeks, hard work was done to get the MNS container operational. Last week we assembled all the parts and gave the final touch to this beautiful project.
We are now excited to declare say that the MNS is active!
In the coming period the new unit shall supply water and nutrition to four plots of leek, that were planted in week 28.
The nutrition part of the system leans on the MyMultifeed™ big bag concept. The customized water-soluble formula is packed in a big bag that can be easily added into the system’s tanks, from which it is injected to the irrigation water.
We will keep you informed about the progress of this project, and even arrange field days. Stay tuned!


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