Introduction and Invitation to Participate in this Haifa Blogging Community

My name is Eric Waldo. I am the Regional Manager for Haifa North America in the Southeast United States. The focus of this blog will be Multicote (an advanced controlled release fertilizer made by Haifa) and its use in nursery and ornamental production. In this blog I intend to tell stories - your stories - of how you have achieved your goals and made opportunities of challenges in your work on your farms and nurseries. I will rely for these stories on the many excellent growers (you)and horticulturalists (you) who work for Haifa or work in partnership with Haifa and its products. Please send me your success stories of how you have used Haifa's Multicote products to achieve your growing goals. With your permission, I will be happy to put them in this blog so others can learn and be encouraged by your story. In this way, we can all learn from each other as we share from our various points on the globe.