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Haifa Blog


The management of Consorzio Agrario di Treviso e Belluno visited Israel

Business partnership is not only about selling and buying. For me it’s a matter of developing good relationship with the people behind the business. Here is an example: Consorzio Agrario di Treviso e Belluno is a respected Haifa Italy customer. During the years we developed good business in the north-east area of Italy. One of the most profitable crops in their area is Vineyard, mainly the type used for sparkling white wine, the famous Italian Prosecco. 

In order to assist the Italian growers to get the most of irrigation water and plant nutrition given through micro-irrigation systems, Consorzio Agrario’s leading team decided to visit Israel. During the visit they held business meetings with leading Israeli agro-technology companies (Such as Netafim at Hatzerim Kibbutz, Mr. Oscar Lutenberg), and with Prof. Aaron Fait, a leading researcher from the agriculture faculty at the Ben-Gurion University.

While presenting Haifa Group for many years, I know Israel and the Israeli agro industry very well. I was glad to accompany the Consorzio Agrario delegation for the tour. Moreover, I know Prof. Aron Fait since 2012 when I held a meeting in Italy about “irrigation on vineyards”. Prof. Fait has Italian origins and speaks perfectly Italian so it was a perfect opportunity to present him to the group. We also took the opportunity to visit a few touristic sites and enjoyed  a tour, professionally guided by Ms. Benedetta Piazza in Jerusalem. Among other highlights we had the chance to visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

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