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Haifa Blog


MyMultifeed bigbag

Fast delivery of high quality fertilizers in MyMultifeed bigbag concept from Haifa Group transported byZijderlaan transport from Stolwijk, the Netherlands.



Online composing and ordering fertiliser mixtures for your nursery online


MyMultifeed is the simplest, fastest and most user-friendly fertiliser concept for A/B container systems. MyMultifeed is the only system in the greenhouse-horticulture industry with which you can compose and order your fertiliser mixtures online.

When you have logged in, you enter the different types and quantities of fertilisers you want on the basis of your crops’ needs. The fertilisers for your A and B containers will then be delivered in two separate bigbags varying in weight from 400 to 1200 kg within two working days if so desired.



At you will have your own login page where you can consult your order history and use it for your next fertiliser order, precisely geared to your crops’ nutrient needs.


The data you enter into the system will be fully automatically processed, precluding the risk of the types of errors that may be made in manual order processing. The MyMultifeed system will moreover be almost entirely interference-free at your nursery.


Composing and ordering your fertiliser mixtures yourself online: things couldn’t be any easier. What’s more, almost any employee at your nursery will be able to prepare a tremendous amount of soluble fertiliser in less than no time.

How to order the optimum fertiliser composition for your crops in four steps:
1. Go to, log in and specify your mixture’s composition;
2. Haifa will then fill your A and B bigbags with the specified fertilisers;
3. The bigbags will be delivered to your nursery, optionally the very next day;
4. Pour the contents of the bigbags into your A and B tanks and add water.


This advanced form of automation makes fertilisation with MyMultifeed extremely cost-efficient. The MyMultifeed system is also attractively priced and easy to maintain. On top of that, the MyMultifeed fertilisers such as magnesium, magnesium sulphate, potassium and potassium sulphate are relatively low priced.

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