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Haifa Blog


From the podium of New Ag Beijing

The New Ag international conference held in Beijing gave Haifa an additional opportunity to state loud and clear the proven advantages of Haifa Turbo-K™ product.

From the podium of New Ag Beijing

From the New Ag podium, we could prove the unique benefits of Haifa Turbo-K™, as it is based on KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate), unlike the MOP & SOP based products. Chloride is very harmful to the environment and the plants. In addition, the relatively high levels of NO3 (Nitrate) in the Haifa Turbo-K™ prevents the chloride that is naturally present in some soils or water resources from being absorbed by the plant. 

Mr. Ran Bushuhrian, the business development manager for China, claims that there will be a profound future for such a novel product in China, and so far, agronomists who tested it, together with growers who already used it are most impressed with how effective it is.

From the podium of New Ag Beijing

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