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Haifa Blog


Precision Profits with Haifa Group's CRF Solutions: Boosting Yields, Cutting Costs and Saving the Planet

Changes in world climate coupled with rapid urbanization, have challenged the agricultural world to find methods that make plants grow stronger, provide better yields, and keep an eye on omnipresent sustainability concerns.
Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF’s) are what growers need in a modern agricultural marketplace.
Haifa Group ensures utilization of precision agriculture methodologies offering comprehensive, intuitive, and long-term cost-effectiveness that guarantee optimal plant development, making the brand synonymous with both sustainability and consistent plant growth.


Smart Fertilizer Capsules: Precise Nutrition Delivery for Optimal Growth

CRF’s are enhanced and hybrid versions of universal fertilizer solutions.  A polymer-based capsule, designed to interrelate with environmental conditions (e.g. soil type, water, and weather), releases nutrients in a precise manner, reducing nutrient loss (what goes out of the ground is replaced ensuring a low carbon footprint), whilst increasing crop yields.

MultiMatch™: Tailoring Fertilizers for Every Crop and Every Season

Using MultiMatch™ growers or agronomists input soil type, water quality, climate parameters, and crop type into a web-based application, receiving a detailed seasonal plan that calculates precise dosages of the Multicote™ solution, to match the expected nutrient removal of the crop.  This lets growers know exactly what Nutrient is being released from the capsule at any given stage of the plant growth cycle.   MultiMatch™ also allows agronomists or growers to input data themselves initiating a fertilizer plan even if the field was previously treated with conventional fertilizers.
The benefits of using MutliMatch™ and Multicote™ are obvious, as without applying precision agriculture techniques, growers may end up applying up to 30% more fertilizers than needed.  This also results in increased harmful environmental influences, both to the atmosphere and to groundwater, and increasing overall costs.


From Bananas and Beyond: Replicating High Yields and Increasing Profits with Haifa Group's CRFs

Various deployments in banana plantations for example showed that Haifa Group’s solutions increased tree growth, showing 42% more leaves, 33% thicker stem diameters and a 23% increase in tree height. Additionally, yield parameters demonstrated a 50% increase in the number of hands-per-cluster (bunch), and 49% more fingers (bananas) per cluster.  These factors increased revenue (49% per cluster (bunch)), over conventional fertilization application revenues per hectare.  These types of savings can be applied to other crops as well.
Starting with MultiMatch™ and then deploying Multicote™, guarantees increased yields across the agricultural landscape.  Equally important, deploying Haifa Group’s CRF solutions means reduction in labor costs, in total fertilizer application per hectare of land, and significant saving on logistics, transportation and storage costs, making these solutions the obvious choice for growers looking to deploy precision agriculture techniques and address environmental concerns in a sustainable manner.

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