The relationship between good plant nutrition and plant health

For the first time, the United Nations has established an "International Plant Health Day" that will take place today, May 12th. In plants, as in humans, the relationship between good nutrition and health is a well-known fact. Plants will develop better when they are properly nourished and will be more disease resistant. If they will be sick, they will prefer nutritional treat to reinforce at the same way we had grandma's chicken soup when we had the flu.

Using the holistic approach of "Haifa 360", which takes into account all the needs of the farmer and the plant, we saw in Haifa the importance of proper nutrition for healthy plant growth in many cases, such as:

Foliar nutrition of soybean has increased the plant's resistance to soy rust. In field observation, despite the similar infection rate, the field that has been treated by the foliar nutrition has a better yield.

Foliar nutrition has extended the life of greenhouse tomatoes that were infected by virus, and has enhanced the economic viability of the crop.

Proper nutrition in watermelon cultivation in Vietnam has reduced the costs of plant protection materials and increased the grower's profits.

Therefore, the way to achieve healthy plants and crops begins with good nutrition!