SDG connection to World Aids Day

A core principle of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and of the AIDS response, is that no one should be left behind.
The United Nations works towards achieving the entire SDG agenda, which include 10 SDGs that are particularly relevant to the response to AIDS.

One of them Haifa Group is very much active – Zero Hunger.
Hunger can increase vulnerability to acquiring HIV by increasing risk-taking behavior and negatively affecting treatment adherence. Advanced HIV-related illness impairs nutritional status and undermines household food security by reducing productivity. Nutritional support to households and integrated systems to deliver nutritional support and HIV services can prevent the transmission of HIV and enhance health outcomes.
Haifa Group products ensure the populations nutritional needs worldwide under reduced growing areas conditions.The company is proud to be part of the process of creating sources of income and sources of food in remote areas in developing countries, providing an advanced fertilizer system for various types of agricultural crops.

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