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So what is the future of chocolate?

The article "The future of chocolate" is a must-read: it portrays the many issues concerning the cocoa industry. Want to know how Haifa comes to the aid of the cocoa growers? Read more in the post

So what is the future of chocolate?

Being Haifa's Know-how & Information Center manager, I run across many interesting articles. A very interesting article I ran into recently is title "The future of chocolate" 

The article portrays relevant issues concerning the entire cocoa industry: specific problems of growing cocoa trees (the "20/20 zone", all year round cultivation etc.), fungal diseases, the GMO issue (genetically modified organisms), the quality vs. quantity dilemma and more. 

Haifa comes to the aid of the cocoa growers with recommendations for foliar feeding and fertigation via the dripping system. With both fertilization methods, the cocoa trees receive their needed nutrients more precisely, therefor resulting in improved yields. 

Follow our fertilization recommendations: Fertigation 
Foliar feeding 

If you wish to share your knowledge regarding this issue, or have any questions about cocoa fertilization, you are most welcome to comment on this post. 

Also, you may find interest in my previous post: "The battle against plant epidemics" - here

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