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Haifa Blog


Tips for boosting crops with Haifa's foliar products

Foliar Feeding provides fast, on-the-spot nutrition to ensure high, top quality yields. It serves as an effective supplementary feeding to complete soil fertilization and for prompt correction of nutrient deficiencies. Foliar application of nutrients at specific stages of crop development boosts yield and improves quality.

Haifa offers a range of premium fertilizers for foliar application, all designed for safe use and complete consumption by the crops, consist of pure plant nutrients, and free of chloride. Haifa’s portfolio of foliar feeding products covers the entire range of essential plant nutrients.


The grower’s proven bonus
Haifa’s foliar nutrition products are successfully being used worldwide. The well proven Haifa Bonus technology became a common complementary practice for a vast number of field crops, fruit trees. A series of scientific trials reassure the advantages.





Tips for a successful foliar fertilization

General tips: Citrus

  • Spray during the cooler and more humid hours of the day
  • Spray when wind is low
  • Never spray plants under stress
  •  Test for possible side-effects or phytotoxicity by a small trial, spraying a week prior to the intended commercial treatments
  • After spraying rinse thoroughly the sprayer and all its parts with fresh water



 How to Set application rates

  •  Consider both spray concentration and spray volume.
  •  If you apply smaller (or larger) volume than recommended, increase (or decrease) the fertilizer concentration of the spray solution accordingly, to keep the total application rate per unit of area.
  • Avoid concentrated sprays, as they might scorch leaves.
  •  Plants in areas of humid climate tend to have thinner leaf cuticle, which make them more susceptible to phytotoxcity. For this reason, spray concentrations must be considered more cautiously in these areas.


Preparing the tank mix

  • Fill 1/4 - 1/3 of the spray tank with water. Add the entire amount of the fertilizer(s) and then fill up the tank with water.
  •  When preparing tank mix that includes pesticides, it is advisable:

 -  To keep the pH of the spray solution at level of 5.5

-    6.5, to avoid alkaline hydrolysis of the pesticides.
     Note: In general, Haifa’s foliar products are slightly acidic, requiring lower rates of acid to set the pH of the spray solution.
-  To perform a compatibility test of the spray-mix prior to large-scale treatment.


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