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Haifa Blog


Tips for Haifa Bloggers

Write as you were talking, add visuals, use simple language and brief headlines. This are some of the points presented here, that will make your posts more appealing to readers

Tips for Haifa Bloggers

A Blog (derived from Web Log) is aimed to deliver reports, thoughts or comments with "personal taste", in an informal manner. Unlike a scientific article, that has to be purely informative and objective, a blog post may reflect your personal experience, opinions and interests. 

When running a blog, your aim is to get readers and to cause them to follow your posts along time (turn them to be "followers"). There are no miracles. To achieve the target you have to work. If you're good, however, work is rewarding. 

Here are some tips that will help you to write appealing posts: 

• Tell about yourself and write about things that REALLY interests you. 
• Share your own experiences and relate it to your day-to-day work. 
• Always use first person singular (I am, me…) – personalization is the medium's strength. 
• Your photo will give a familiar feeling and help the readers to better connect with you. 
• Present facts, but give them a twist by adding providing your personal opinion on them. 
• Let the reader understand what led you to write the post. 
• Write as you were talking: This will give the reader the feeling that you're addressing him personally. 
• Explain: Don't assume the reader understands everything you write, especially when using professional terminology. 
• Use brief headlines, and explain the full meaning in the text. 
• A post may be very short. The most important thing is to keep it interesting. 
• Add links to other web pages. This supports your claims, enriches the information provided, and expands the reader's knowledge. 
• Use bullets: They help the reader remember what he read. 
• Use keywords, to make it easier to find other posts you wrote about the same topics. 
• Add visuals: They illustrate the text, spice up your posts, and make them more eye-catching. 
• The structure of the post matters. Edit it in a way that will help the lead the reader through. For instance, you may start with presenting the problem, then the solution, and finally the result & benefit. 
• Don't forget punctuation. Reading a text without breaks is tiring. 
• Leave the reader with something to think about, or a tip for later use. 
• Invite the readers to share their opinion and to add relevant information by commenting to your post. 
• Create your own style and be consistent with it. Remember that you are building relations with your readers. 
• Enjoy and let the readers feel that you do. Writing should be fun and fulfilling, and not a mandatory chore. 

That's it. now you're invited to join our community and start sharing your knowledge!

Tips for Haifa Bloggers

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