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Visiting raspberry growers

Visiting raspberry growers

Published on 07/02/2017

Raspberry is among the most popular berries. It is known not only for its delicious taste but also as a health promoter, containing minerals and essential vitamins. Raspberry shrubs are widely cultivated in many regions all over the world. Haifa team visited a raspberry growers in Mexico.

Visiting raspberry growers

During a field tour near Chapala Lake in Jalisco, Mexico, Haifa's agronomists visited a high-tunnel raspberry growth site. Together with a professional seminar given by the Haifa expert, the team had the chance to have a close look at the raspberry yield. 

Haifa's plant nutrition solution applied at the high tunnel is a combination of: 

1. Haifa Multicote™ Agri CRF nutrition given during planting period 

2. A routine straights & Poly-Feed™ formulas are applied though the irrigation system

Visiting raspberry growers


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