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What does Bill Gates have to do with fertilizers?

The founder of Microsoft understands the value of fertilizers, and urges the governments to invest much more money in agricultural research. And what amazing ability do plants carry out every night? Read the latest agriculture news

What does Bill Gates have to do with fertilizers?

The fertilizers industry receives a surprising support: Bill Gates, the one responsible for computers as we know them today, understands the value of fertilizers and agricultural research 

A new study from Rice University at the University of California, predicts that over 40 years, potential water loss could outweigh benefits of corn grown for ethanol. The National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) disagrees: 

UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) holds Cassava as a crop with huge potential. According to the FAO, "Save and Grow", an environmentally-friendly farming model promoted by FAO, can sustainably increase cassava yields by up to 400: 

Scientists found proof that plants carry out complex arithmetic calculations each night, to prevent them from starving before the sun rises: 

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