Haifa Iberia

Haifa Iberia, formerly registered as Fertilizantes Químicos S.A. (Ferquisa), was established in 1988. Haifa Iberia serves the markets in Spain and Portugal.


Pioneering products: Haifa Iberia supplies fertilizers and solutions for greenhouse crops (tomato, pepper, cucumber, melon and watermelon), open field vegetables (leafy crops, fruit trees, olives, table and wine grapes) and other crops where fertigation is practiced.

Haifa Iberia supplies CoteN™ Mix controlled release fertilizers for open field crops, mainly corn, rice, potato, and cotton, and also for olives.


Pioneering knowledge & support: Haifa Iberia offers its customers extensive agricultural knowledge and support, Farmers and growers are welcome to benefit the advice of expert agronomists, professional seminars, information-rich website and other tools.