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"Plant-based life supporting systems are a strategic component in long space voyages and colonization of the moon and Mars, to produce oxygen and food. The main limitation of small ecosystems is the ability to stabilize them to prevent ecological failure. The long-term goal of the experiment is to use synthetic biology and optogenetics to directly control the plant’s intracellular pathways through light."
(from Rakia Mission website)

In February 2022, an experiment in which Haifa Group was a partner was launched to the International Space Station as part of the "Rakia" mission, aimed to test a system for growing chickpeas in space. and the Haifa Group was a partner in it. The experiment was conducted  by Dr. Jonathan Weintraub of Stanford University, the CEO and founder of Aviv Labs.

What is this trial about?
Running a synthetic biology trial to grow chickpea germ in a miniature greenhouse
When did it start?
The trial started during February 2022
Where it took place?
The trial was conducted on the International Space Station
Who lead this trial in space?
Eytan Stibbe, a former Israeli combat pilot, and the 1st tourist astronaut lead this experiment