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Haifa Micro Zn-EDTA (14% Zn)

Haifa Micro EDTA Zn 14% is a stable, water-soluble and non dusting zinc EDTA chelate.

Screen analysis
Zinc (Zn) chelated by EDTA 15%
Product meets requirements for an EC-fertilizer. * EC fertilizer label value.
1kg or 25kg cardboard boxes with inner polyethylene bag.
For foliar, side and top dressing and for Hydroponic.


  • White microgranules.


pH (1% solution)

  • 5-7.


pH Stability range

  • 2-10.


Solubility in water

  • approx. 100 g/l (20 °C).


Bulk density untapped

  • approx. 800 - 1000 kg/m3.



  • Store in original package in a dry place at ambient temperature (below 25°C). It is advised to re-test after three years of storage. Exposure to sunlight may cause degradation of the product.

Chemical name

  • Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid zinc-disodium complex; EDTA-ZnNa2.