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Pioneering the Future

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Haifa NutriNet™

Haifa's comprehensive expertise in plant nutrition is now packaged in an innovative software: Haifa NutriNet
Haifa NutriNet is a powerful tool made to help growers to plan irrigation schemes and nutrigation (fertigation) programs considering actual growth conditions.
Haifa NutriNet leans on comprehensive databases of crop nutrition, irrigation, soils and climates that meet almost any growth environment. Through a sequence of stages the user retrieves or enters information, which is integrated by the software to a detailed, optimized Nutrigation program.
Haifa Nutrinet
Main Features of Haifa NutriNet
Haifa NutriNet is an advanced software availing comprehensive nutrition solutions to all users over the web. The nutrition schemes take into account:
  • Crop nutritional requirements – The database includes nutrition data of 80 common crops.
  • Expected yield level.
  • Growth conditions – The software considers growth in open field, tunnels or greenhouse.
  • Soil data – Different levels of information may be used. The higher the precision of the soildetails, the generated program will be tuned more finely.
  • Climate conditions - A wealth of data characterizing climatic conditions at a large variety of meteorological stations worldwide is included.
  • Irrigation schedule – based on specific water requirements of the crop, soil type, climatic conditions and the irrigation equipment being used.
The nutrition scheme is built by stages, in accordance with the irrigation method, and consists of pre-plant application, side / top dressing or Nutrigation (fertigation) and supplementary foliar feeding.
When the nutrition program is based on Nutrigation, application program is further specified by growth phases and days.
Haifa NutriNet develops nutrition recommendations, taking into account all growth and agrotechnical conditions. Status report can be produced at any stage, and sent to a remote location by e-mail, fax, etc.
Haifa NutriNet includes very rich databases that can independently serve the user: literature references on nutrient uptake of a variety of crops, a wealth of data characterizing the phenological stages of the crop and ETp data, and photos of nutrient deficiency symptoms in many crops.
Haifa NutriNet supports most common units of mass and area. English and Spanish interfaces are available.
Haifa NutriNet software is operated over the web exclusively.