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Haifa Recommendations for fertilization of kiwi


Growth stage


Share of K2O at stage (%)

Recommended rate (kg/ha of K2O)

Leaf emergence

15 30


20 40


25 50

Fruit growth

25 50

Fruit maturation

15 30
Total 100 200



Kiwifruit respond to high rates of fertilizer application. In California, 150 lb of nitrogen per acre is recommended on mature vines. New Zealand recommendations go as high as 200 lb of nitrogen per acre. Only nitrogen is generally applied in California, but a complete fertilizer with a ratio of about 3-1-2 is recommended.

On sandy soils in North Carolina, use repeated applications of small amounts of fertilizer to avoid injury. Several weeks after planting when rain or irrigation has thoroughly settled the soil around the roots, begin fertilizer application. Apply 1 oz of a complete fertilizer such as 10-10-10 uniformly within a circle 12 inches from the plant.

Avoid concentrations of fertilizer around the plant base. Repeat these applications after 4 inches of rain or irrigation until mid June. Later applications could increase winter damage by causing the plant to continue growth late in the season. During the second growing season, begin applications in early March following the first year schedule, but increase the rate to 2 oz per vine and increase the diameter of the application circle to 18 inches. At alternate applications, 2 oz of calcium nitrate or 1 oz of ammonium nitrate can be substituted for the 2 oz of 10-10-10. During the third year, follow the second year schedule but increase the rate to 1/4 to 1/2 lb per vine of 10-10-10, calcium nitrate or ammonium nitrate at each application within a 24- to 36-inch circle around the vine. From the fourth year on, broadcast the fertilizer over the entire area, increasing the amount gradually as production increases. In the fourth year, 200 lb per acre of 10-10-10 in early March, followed by 100 lb per acre of ammonium nitrate in early May and mid June should stimulate adequate plant vigor without contributing to increased susceptibility to winter damage. Rates can be increased or decreased in subsequent years, depending on vine vigor.