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auxiliary software for calculations of nutrition programs for soilless- grown crops


Haifast is a downloadable software, designed to calculate the optimum nutritional solutions for many soilless-grown crops throughout the various stages of their growth.
It is simple, user- friendly and based on most updated know-how of the sector.
While the increase in environmental and economic pressures makes nutrition considerations of soilless crops more complicated, Haifast helps growers and advisors to simplify the calculations.
The software requires simple inputs of:
  • Crop type and growth stage.
  • Analysis of the current nutrient solution in the substrate.
  • Analysis of the water used for irrigation.
The output is the optimal composition of solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers or a combination of both, for the preparation of A- and B- tanks (or more mixing tanks if necessary).
The user can fine-tune this output advise according to subjective judgment or due to any limitation imposed on the system.
Haifast is applicable for a variety of growth conditions, including cases where recirculated nutrient solutions are used.
The interface of Haifast is multi-lingual (English, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish) and supports calculations in most common measuring units (e.g. mmol, mgr or ppm).
Download Haifast:
Instructions: Unzip the file > Install the program > start the program > click on the right top corner on the Haifa logo > change the languages > close down the program > start up again > start working