How to increase citrus fruit size in Israel


A single foliar application of Haifa Bonus 12-2-44 increased potassium (K) level in leaves and fruit size distribution



Citrus/ Newhol (an early yielding navel)
Country / location Israel / Kibbutz Hatzor
Objectives Increase fruit size at early season
Haifa product tested Haifa Bonus 12-2-44
Application method Foliar nutrition
Tested treatment 1 x foliar  feeding with Haifa Bonus 12-2-44 @ 9% conc. & 3500 lit./Ha
Control treatment results 22% fruit >75mm Ø;   Total yield = 64 MT/Ha
K conc. in leaves = 1.17%
Grower’s revenue from yield:  11,970 US$/MT
Best treatment results 50% fruit >75mm Ø;   Total yield = 76 MT/Ha
K conc. in leaves = 1.5%.    No phytotoxicity
Grower’s revenue from yield:  20,720  US$/MT
Characteristics of best treatment Yield increase:  12 MT/Ha
Grower’s revenue increase from yield:  8750 US$/MT
All advantages obtained without combining growth substances.
Very likely to alleviate damage to leaves caused by leaf-miner.
Cost of treatment (application + material) 257 US$/Ha
Net benefit of best treatment 8,500 US$/Ha
Benefit/Cost ratio 34
Conclusions Local & Worldwide: Should be tried out on all cultivars benefiting from increased fruit size
Reference Y. Soffer, R. Baram & D. Ruber