Mr. Dori Liberman

VP of Supply Chain

As part of his job descripton, Dori is responsible for planning and coordinating production at Haifa Group sites in Israel and worldwide, purchasing and importing raw materials, packaging materials, contracts and engagements, as well as for export and transportation system from Israel and export subsidiaries around the world, and the field of global logistics for subsidiaries in various global destinations.

Among his previous positions in the group, he served as Director of Global Logistics and was responsible for the export system, ammonia import in ISO-tanks and global logistics of subsidiaries. Before that, he served as Director of the Production, Planning & Control department, and Director of the Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF) production facility at the Haifa North plant.

Dori joined Haifa Group in 2003.

Dori holds a Bachelor's degree in Industry and Management from the Technion, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Ruppin College and a Master's degree in Logistics from the University of Haifa.