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Multi-K™ Reci

Potassium Nitrate
13.5-0-46.5 (crystalline) - fully water soluble – NK fertilizer


Keeping sodium out of the system
Plant nutrition used in soilless and hydroponic greenhouses must be efficient, precise, and contain only essential nutrients. Non-beneficial-elements may accumulated in recycled drain water systems, change factors as pH and EC levels, and put the crops in risk.  

Following an EU legislation which forces growers to use 100% closed-loop water system, Haifa has developed Multi-K™ Reci, potassium nitrate with near-zero sodium. It ensures very low sodium levels in recycled drain water. 

Most plants won’t take up sodium. Therefore sodium concentration in the feeding solution will increase in time, and may harm the crops.  With a maximum value of 300 ppm sodium, Haifa Multi-K™ Reci contains up to 90% less sodium than any other potassium nitrate fertilizers in the market. It prevents the increase of sodium levels in the feeding water, and by that to enjoy healthier crops.

Particle size

  • On 35 US mesh (>0.5mm)- 12% typ.
  • Through 120 US mesh (<0.125mm)- 7% typ.


  • 25kg woven and coated polypropylene bag, open mouth Sewn bottom Or Polyethylene heat sealed bag.
  • 500kg Net bags woven polypropylene with lifting loops.


  • Fertilizer for Nutrigation™ (fertigation) for soilless grown greenhouse crops with drain water recirculation
  • Production of water soluble fertilizers.
Total nitrogen (as N)%13.513.113.8
Nitric Nitrogen (N-NO3)%13.513.113.8
Water Soluble Potassium (as K2O)%46.546.246.7
Water Soluble Potassium (as K)%38.638.438.8
pH (10% solution) 9.06.011
Water lnsolublesppm350-700
Sodium (Na)ppm150 300
Bulk Densityg/ml1.10.91.2
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