Multicote™ Agri - an ideal source of boron for Eucalyptus

Boron (B) deficiency is a common problem in eucalyptus plantations. The boron is vital for several metabolic processes in the plant. growing parts such as shoots and root tips. Insufficient concentration of boron in the soil may result in:

 Impaired growth and broken stems.
Death of shoot tips, leading to multiple lateral branches (bush-like shape).
Reduced lignification of the wood that may cause weeping of branches.

On the other hand, excessive boron in the soil is toxic and may harm plants.
Application of boron fertilizers has become a common practice in intensively managed plantations, aiming to prevent boron deficiency and its unwanted outcomes.
Multicote™ Agri controlled release fertilizer is an ideal source of boron for eucalyptus, designed to release boron to the soil at a rate that matches growth requirements, while avoiding potentially toxic excesses.
Multicote™ Agri requires only single application, thus saving labor compared to conventional fertilizers that require 2-3 applications annually.

Suggested application rates:

B concentration in soil
(hot water extraction) (mg/l)
0.2 0.2-0.4 0.4-0.6 0.6
B application rate
4.0 3.0 1.0 -

Apply coated boron at planting. Additional application is required only if deficiency is noted.

Contact Haifa representative to identify Multicote™ Agri formula most suitable to provide your
plantations’ boron requirements.