Haifa Group Joins the UN Global Compact Initiative


Haifa committed itself to follow UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation.


Haifa, Israel, 2019-February-14 | Haifa Group has formally joined the UN Global Compact and the Group adopts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) principles. The United Nations’ Global Compact is the world's most influencing  initiative to encourage responsible and sustainable corporate governance. Upon accession the SDG, Haifa Group commits itself to follow seventeen guidelines concerning human rights, labor standards, and environmental protection. The SDG initiative aims to strategically anchor sustainability along the corporate set of values.

Implementation of the universal SDG into Haifa Group's  multinational activity is a long-term process, thus the Global Compact guideline portray the path for continuous improvement.

“We are proud and excited to become a participant in this global movement of companies promoting sustainable development, striving to create the world we want for us, and for future generations”, states Motti Levin, Haifa Group's CEO. “As a multinational corporate that pioneers the future of the world’s agriculture, sustainability is in our DNA. Haifa offers cutting edge, highly efficient plant nutrition solutions, while keeping sustainability as a prime value at our production facilities worldwide. We clearly see that since its foundation five decades ago, Haifa Group's vision and strategy are very much in line with the current UN Global Compact. Therefore, joining this initiative is a natural step for us, emphasizing our commitment to the welfare of mankind and nature, in any respect”.

About UN Global Compact
The UN Global Compact has emerged as a truly global initiative, with over 15,000 participating companies from nearly 170 countries. The UNGC’s Principles are derived from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the United Nations Convention Against Corruption. A key requirement for participation in the UN Global Compact is the annual submission of a Communication on Progress (COP) report that describes a company’s or organization’s efforts to implement the UNGC’s Ten Principles. For further information visit www.unglobalcompact.org 

About Haifa Group:
Haifa Group is a mul¬ti-national corporation and a global leading supplier of high-quality potassium ni¬trate for agriculture and industry, specialty plant nutrients and food phosphates. 
The Group is renowned for its pioneering spirit and innovative solutions for five decades. Haifa’s global operations span over 100 countries with 16 subsidiaries, 4 production plants, and 5 terminals. 


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