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Onion flowers pollination in South Africa

Calling all pollinators! 


After 6 months of careful planning and nurturing, onion plants produce flowers that are ready for pollination and seed production. These highly valuable vegetable seeds are produced in remote areas of South Africa and are mostly destined for overseas markets.

The onion seed growers planted their crop in Autumn (April, southern hemisphere) with Multicote™ Agri: Controlled Release Fertilizer (CRF). The use of a Multicote Agri CRF fertilizer application greatly reduced the number of required applications of plant nutrients that were necessary during the long growing season. The crop also showed improved resilience during the difficult, cold and wet, winter growing period due to the continuous availability of nutrients. Spring has arrived, the flowers are fully developed and all that is left to be done is for the pollinators to do the important work of pollinating.

Although multiple hives of African honey bees are introduced during this period, there are myriad other insects than join in for the nectar feast. You can never have too many pollinators when you are in the seed farming business!