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B (boron)

Identify and handle crop Boron deficiencies

Boron in the plant


Boron deficiency


In most plants the mobility of boron is limited

♦ Deficiency is manifested in young parts first

Boron is required for cell division

♦ Deficiencies are expressed at the growing points of roots and shoots as well as flowers and fruits

♦ Terminal buds die back, internode lengths shorten

♦ New growth is stubby and distorted

♦ Roots become short and stubby with few root hairs

Boron is essential for structural integrity of cell walls

♦ Growth might become brittle

Boron is involved in reproduction processes

♦ Flowering and fruiting are greatly reduced and/or distorted

Potato: micro nutrients - B (boron)


Apple: Micro nutrients - B (boron)

Banana: Micro nutrients - B (boron)





Beans: Macro nutrients - B (boron)

Cabbage: Micro nutrients - B (boron)

Carrot: Micro nutrients - B (boron)

Celery: Micro nutrients - B (boron)

Citrus: Micro nutrients - B (boron)




  B Toxicity


 B Toxicity


 B Toxicity

Pepper: Micro nutrients - B (boron) Excess