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Tomato: Nutrient deficiency

Tomato  Nutrient deficiencies

Tomato: Macro nutrients - N (nitrogen)

N (nitrogen) deficiency of tomato crop is typically characterizes by older leaves that gradually change from green to yellowish or paler green. These leaves will later become yellow, and under extreme nitrogen deficiency they are likely to become bright white-yellow. Young leaves at the top of the tomato plant keep their green color. However, as the deficiency becomes more notable at the older leaves, the young leaves will be paler and smaller.


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Tomato: Macro nutrients - P (phosphorus)




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Tomato: Macro nutrients - K (potassium)




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Tomato: Macro nutrients - Ca (calcium)






Tomato: Macro nutrients - Mg (magnesium)

Magnesium Deficiency in Tomato Magnesium Deficiency in Tomato


Tomato: Macro nutrients - S (sulfur)




Tomato: Micro nutrients - Fe (iron)



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Tomato: Micro nutrients - Mn (manganese)



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Tomato: Micro nutrients - Zn (zinc)


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Tomato: Micro nutrients - Cu (copper)




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Tomato: Micro nutrients - Mo (molybdenum)



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