Pepper crop guide – optimal plant nutrition & maximum pepper fertilizer utilization

This guide is provided to assist growers in getting the most of the pepper fertilizer to produce optimum yields


Our crop guides, including this pepper guide, are a fulfillment of our commitment to knowledge sharing. The crop guides contain the extensive plant nutrition knowledge we have accumulated over the years, all for the benefit of growers.Pepper crop guide


The pepper guide provides extensive information about the pepper's plant nutrition, general growing conditions, nutritional requirements, fertilization recommendations and more.


The pepper crop guide can help you make the most out of your pepper fertilizer, and as a result get higher yields.



  1. General growing conditions
  2. Nutritional requirements
  3. Fertilization recommendations
    Appendix I: Haifa specialty fertilizers
    Appendix II: Conversion tables


The Pepper guide joins our line of specific crop guides: Tomato, Cucumber, Potato, Citrus, Banana, Rice, Olive and Strawberry.

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