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Sugar Beet

FoliMatch™: foliar feeding expert mobile application

FoliMatch™ is designed to provide worldwide growers a handy tool to optimize foliar nutrition.

Based on methodological data at the user’s location, together with on-location parameters, growers are able to have an accurate recommendation and precise calculations needed for properly applying  foliar spray.


FoliMatch™: Applicazione per la Nutrizione Fogliare

FoliMatch ™ è progettato per fornire ai coltivatori di tutto il mondo uno strumento utile per ottimizzare la nutrizione fogliare.


FoliMatch™ es una aplicación para mobile

FoliMatch™ es una aplicación para Smartphone basada en la recepción de los datos meteorológicos de la ubicación GPS del usuario, en tiempo real. Los agricultores son capaces de recibir una recomendación precisa de la idoneidad o no de realizar la aplicación foliar, además de recibir información sobre los cálculos necesarios para aplicar adecuadamente los fertilizantes foliares en diferentes cultivos.


Мобильное приложение FoliMatch™

Пришло время использовать FoliMatch™ Профессиональный консалтинг по
некорневому питанию сельхозкультур


Sugar Beet Nutrient Manegement

Abstract: Fertilizer management is a key component in maximizing sucrose yield. Management practices that maximize tonnage and sucrose content while minimizing impurities are key to achieving top yields of high quality sugarbeet in the High Plains.


Sugar Beet

Abstract: Sugar became a staple food over the past two centuries and average annual consumption per head is now about 20 kg. Worldwide demand continues to rise and approaches 140 Mt per year. This comes from only two plants – cane and beet.

Fertilization of sugar beet: base dressing, fertigation and foliar feeding

Haifa's fertilization recommendations for sugar beet in various fertilization methods


Growing method: open field.
Soil type: Sandy loam.
Plant density: 140,000 – 180,000   plants / Ha.
Expected yield: 40-50 Ton / Ha.



Fertilization of Sugar-Beet in Russia

Haifa's Poly Sugar-Beet enhanced the vegetative development of the plants and resulted in higher root yield




Sugar-beet / RMS-73

Sugar Beet response to foliar nutrition

Two foliar sprays with Multi-KMg resulted in significant increase in several yield parameters and in crop resistance to diseases






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