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Haifa Blog


CRF in field crops. A case study becomes a success story!

CRF in field crops. A case study becomes a success story!

It was only last year that the idea of Haifa SouthEast Europe to implememt the Controll Release Urea in the vast market of field crops (corn, sunflower, wheat e.t.c.) became reality and it was Bulgaria as the starting point of this initiative. 1st impression the cost is too high and afterwards is it going to work like this? After 1 year in real field conditions the myth was busted. "It's not expensive and look it works even better". The results are amazing, the cost per ha almost less, the yields higher and the growers satisfied. Already the technology made it's premiere this season also in the field crop growers of Croatia, Hungary and Romania. This time with less effort! How??? Base marketing Capable partners Right Design of Range of Products Custom made solutions (practise, climate, crop needs e.t.c.) Continouos monitoring A lot of devotion Bulgaria showed the way and the vision is Haifa's CRF technology to rewrite the proper fertilization method in the field crops all over the world...


"The free men are enslaved only by the vision" Alkibiades

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